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Founded in 1999 and part of the Danish fashion mogul DK Company - ICHI has delivered high quality pieces in an accessible price range for almost two decades.

We operate in more than 47 countries and are represented in over 1.800 shops around the world and today we are more global than ever with a strong presence online.

Through creativity and skilled craftsmanship we have proven to leave a mark with our customers, to connect with them and deliver success in an ever-changing market.

ICHI offers a complete seasonal offering of collections structured in opening, main and express with drops of comprehensive and strong fashion with elements of seasonal expressed trends.



The b.young woman has a lot of things going on. She is mixing her everyday life with family, career and going out with friends. She is conscious of her appearance and she follow the trends without compromising on quality and comfort. The collections give her an opportunity to mix feminine and cool styles. She wants to get inspired and she keeps herself updated on social media.



Fransa was established in 1968 in Denmark with a desire to design fashion for the contemporary woman. In 1990 the brand was acquired by the BTX Group and since 2012 Fransa has been a part of the successful brand portfolio at DK Company A/S.

Fransa designs for feminine and well-dressed women with a keen appreciation of current trends and excellent quality. The six seasonal collections cover every need from feminine dresses for special occasions, suitable clothes for life at the office, the essential basics, and fashionable pieces for every woman interested in current trends, colours and styles. All at affordable prices. For any occasion, and for every woman.


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